Prof. Fuad Abdul Hamied, Ph.D

Guru Besar, Pendidikan Indonesia

Presiden TEFLIN 2014

Fuad Abdul Hamied is professor of language education at Indonesia University of Education at Bandung, Indonesia. He obtained his M.A. degree in TEFL (1980) from Southern Illinois University, USA and his PhD in Education (1982) from the same university. Former President of the Association of Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Indonesia (TEFLIN), he is a former editorial board member and current advisor of the Journal of Asia TEFL, current reviewer MELTA Journal, Malaysia, he is currently IJAL.


English in Multicultural and Multilingual Indonesian Education, a book chapter published in 2012 by Springer; and another book chapter

  1. Codeswitching in Universities in Vietnam and Indonesia, a book chapter published in 2014 by Multilingual Matters;
  2. Research Methods: A Guide for First-time Researchers, a book published in 2014 by UPI Press;

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